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15 Nov


Have a Waste Free Christmas this Year

November 15, 2017 | By |

Stress-Free Deliveries

The build-up to Christmas can often leave us feeling stressed and overworked. Although this period should be a time of joy, ready to enter into the Christmas spirit, the idea of having everything together in time is not easy. Family gatherings and picking out the perfect Turkey, these are just some of the worries on our to-do list.

Christmas time gives us the excuse to go all out when it comes to gifts, whether it’s for family, friends or your loved one. Sometimes, we want to go as large as possible.

At DS Movements, we know the stress that comes with collecting gifts all in time for Christmas, so leave that to us. We pride ourselves in providing a professional and reliable store collections service, perfect to take the heavy load off your shoulders and allow you to focus on your other tasks.

Clear your Waste before the guests arrive

From large families to small, we want our homes to be a comfortable, relaxed environment for everyone to come together and enjoy. Unfortunately most homes are presented with the issue of ‘not having enough space’ when most of the time, it’s simply old junk we longer need or use that needs to be removed. Why not clear your house before the guests arrive this Christmas? With our waste clearance service, we can visit your home and load our tipper with all of your unwanted good, meaning you don’t have to have a skip on your driveway for days.

The aftermath of Christmas gifts

Christmas is a time for unboxing, pulling crackers, mountains of wrapping paper and empty glass bottles. It’s an exciting time to enjoy with our friends and family and we too often don’t think about how much waste we really produce on this particular day. By the time Boxing Day ends, we can end up with a mountain of rubbish left sitting in our gardens for months on end.

According to the Guardian, Christmas is the most wasteful time of the year, producing so much rubbish that gets thrown away, and the majority of it not being disposed of to the right place.

As experts in the waste clearance field, we can help you remove your waste with little mess and minimal stress!

DS Movements has over 6 years’ experience in the waste disposal industry meaning you can rest assured your waste will be dealt with correctly in line with the law and end up in a licensed waste transfer station.

How can I book DS Movements?

If you need your large gifts collecting this Christmas, we are always travelling around Cambridge, Norfolk and Suffolk so we can collect your items and deliver at a time that suits you.

Call us now on 01353 930095 / 07927 248035‬, or fill in our quote form to book our transportation services today.

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