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It’s important that you are organised and most of your preparation has been done come moving day. Our house removals experts provide their top tips to ensure your move is as easy and efficient as possible.

After the cathartic decluttering, you need to look at packaging your homely goods and hiring a professional removal company. Do you have everything you need to make this process as painless as possible? Do you know what to do?

Not only do you want your boxes and storage solutions organised, you’ll want them labelled clearly for ease and the contents inside safe. With that said, here is our quick guide of things to keep in mind when you decide it’s time to do business with a home removals service:

  • Plan ahead, as packing always takes longer than expected
  • Take into account items of furniture that will require dismantling
  • Work out a budget for moving, and be conscious of the going hourly rates
  • Gather important paperwork together for the old and new home; along with a pen and notebook
  • Ensure every member of the family has an overnight bag prepared as if they were going on holiday

What materials you need for packing when moving home

You don’t actually need too many materials to ensure moving house goes smoothly. So long as you have the below listed at your disposal, your move will be smooth and easy:


Above all else, you will want boxes. It’s wise to purchase new boxes rather than re-use old ones that friends and family may send your way or ones you’ve picked up from the local corner shop. You need to be sure they’re of good quality cardboard, sturdy and can hold weight. It’s also ideal to make sure they are of a good size to help with fitting as much as possible in them, it’ll also help with stacking up the van. The man with a van service will also thank you.

Marker pen

A thick black marker pen like a Sharpie will do you wonders for labelling your boxes clear and concisely. It’s wise to write on the same spot of each box, so they can be easily identified. You won’t need labels or stickers if you are using new boxes.


Be it brown parcel tape, a thick roll of sellotape or even duct tape, a roll or two of tape is vital for packing up your boxes and ensuring they do not open in transit.


Packaging can come in many forms, and it depends on your preference or availability. We recommend a mixture of bubble wrap and newspapers/scrunched up paper, as we have found that these work best. If you are on a budget, using your old plastic bags also works well as a good ‘box filler’.

Prepare a box of essentials

Our last tip is a trick we’ve picked up over the years that helps out many first-time home movers. Pack a small box of essentials, filled with items you may need at the drop of a hat. The contents are based around you and how you live day-to-day, but suggestions of its contents can be toiletries, phone and laptop chargers, towels and wash cloths, a first aid kit, a tool box, baby and pet supplies, canned food with cooking equipment for a quick meal, and of course the kettle and emergency stash of tea bags.

Be sure to put this box in the van last so it can easily be accessed at any time.

For an entire list of what items and packages we can provide for you, take a look at our packaging supplies page.

For more information, or to get a free quote for our Man with a Van Removals, be sure to contact us today!

Posted By: DS Movements
Posted On: 12 Mar 2018
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