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Although moving house can be an exciting, life affirming time for us all, it is often described as an exhausting nightmare.

The headache that comes with moving house can be too much at times, but it doesn’t have to be when you have a reputable man and van Ely to help.

It’s no secret that moving house comes with its own set of challenges, trying to keep on top of everything can be a nightmare when there’s no one to help.

A lot can go wrong when we attempt to juggle everything alone, so we wanted to highlight a few possible removal nightmares that can simply be avoided with the help of our reliable removals service.

Damaged Goods

Walking down the stairs with large heavy items and afraid you might fall and drop them? These are common instances that many of us face when we attempt to move house without the expert help. Trying to navigate awkward corners with large sofas or chairs can in a broken furniture and teeth grinding frustration. Why not avoid this unwanted headache altogether and contact a professional removals company in Cambridge.

Health and Safety

Items such as beds, wardrobes, fridges, pianos and electricals can all be very damaging to your property if you remove them incorrectly. These large items can crash into walls causing scratches or marks which certainly won’t make a new buyer very happy, but more importantly, handling large items without professional assistance and care can be highly unsafe for you.

Imagine trying to lift a heavy wardrobe all the way downstairs, you may not think about the risks involved beforehand, but trust us on this one, it’s always best to seek help and assistance! The aftermath is simply not worth it.

Money Madness

There’s no doubt that asking friends and family for help with moving your furniture will save you money. But is it really worth the risk of having to replace any broken items during the move? The cost of replacing items can be avoided by hiring an expert man with a van. Although it won’t be free, they will be able to do the job efficiently without any damage being done to your home or furniture.  

At DS Movements we want your move to as hassle-free and relaxed as possible, we make sure to do the hard work so you can focus on everything else. There’s no reason that your move has to be stressful.

We’d love to hear from you, so why not get in touch today, and we can help you with your new move. If you would like a detailed quote based on your property size or the distance you are moving, fill in our quote form and we will get back to you with specific prices. 

Posted By: DS Movements
Posted On: 16 Jan 2018
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