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15 May


Moving Supplies You Need to Move Out

May 15, 2018 | By |

Think about it, you can’t just move flat or house by filling up your car with some possessions and transporting them to your new home. It’s not that easy – but it can still be a simple and straightforward process. You simply need to plan, and have the right moving supplies.

DS Movements now supply movers with packing supplies to help make moving day a whole lot easier. So, if you’re sat there waiting for moving day and thinking…

‘What do I need to help me move out?’

Look no further, here’s our rundown of moving supplies and items you need to help make the big day smooth and organised. Not only does this make the actual act of packing away easier, but it saves you the headache when unpacking too. Not only that, but it also means less trips back and forth, which is always ideal when you want to get started on turning your new house into a home.

Moving supplies

Even beginners know that a cardboard box is your staple for moving. You can store multiple items in, grouping together contents for specific rooms. They’re strong, sturdy, can carry a lot of weight and also very easy to label. Suitable for packing most possessions, we can supply you with various sizes to fit any item load..

For information regarding costs and quantities, feel free to download out information sheet.

Other moving materials

Boxes alone can’t get the job done. Use brown tape and fragile tape to held keep your boxes safe and secure, as well as writing on them the contents for desired room with a marker pen. Using bubble wrap, shrink wrap and chip shop paper groups items together and also protects them during transportation; and since boxes can’t contain everything, having some strong black sacks to carry other essentials never goes out of fashion.

Removal packages

We can also recommend looking at saving money with removal packages – designed to be your comprehensive, all-in-one, everything-you-need package for moving your 1, 2 or 3 bedroom house/flat from A to B. Packages include various sized boxes, tape, bubble wrap, strong black sacks, paper roll and more.

For an entire list of what items and packages we can provide for you, take a look at our packaging supplies page.

If you are moving house and not sure where to start, or unsure how many boxes you’ll need, feel free to contact us and we can create for you a bespoke list of everything moving supplies to ensure you’re happy and ready to start packing!

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