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04 Oct


Tips For Moving In Rainy Weather

October 4, 2019 | By |

While moving house on a hot sunny day, always seems to be a waste of a good day; it is far trickier to move house on a rainy day. As a company offering removals in Cambridgeshire we know how unpredictable the weather in the UK can be, and how likely rainy days are.

We are one of the most experienced Cambridge removal companies and have helped many people move house in the rain. This is why we chose to put this blog post together that shares top tips for moving in the rain;

1. Protect Your Belongings

It is important that you keep your belongings as dry as possible. This will help protect items from becoming water damaged. By protecting your items you will also save time, as you will not have to dry them all off in your new home. To protect your belongings we would recommend you use sealed boxes, plastic cover and sheets to protect your furniture and keep mattresses dry.

2. Protect Yourself

Hopefully you haven’t packed all your rainy weather wear as you’ll need that. You’ll need your raincoat to keep you warm and dry. We would recommend some working gloves as these will keep your hands dry but also offer the extra support when lifting or carrying items that could be slippery when wet. It is strongly advised that you wear some boots to avoid slipping too. You won’t be able to take shoes on and off either so if it is not a wipe clean floor in either home, lay some floor protectors.

3. Plan It

It might be a good idea to make a plan so items are kept outside in the rain for as shorter time as possible. Opening the garage could be a great way of keeping items out of the way that are not needed immediately but will need to stay dry.

4. Unpack Quickly

If you do have possessions in cardboard boxes, make sure you unpack these boxes a quickly as you can, even if they are only transferred into something else in the meantime. Moisture from the rain can quickly seep through cardboard boxes and can cause water damage to the items inside, without you knowing.

5. Drive Carefully

You need to remember that this is not your normal drive. You have possessions on board and a vehicle that is stacked high. Take corners carefully, remember you may not be able to go as fast as normal and take care with speed bumps too.  If you are using a man and van hire Cambridgeshire service, they can drive the van for you giving you one less thing to worry about on your moving day.

6. Consider Using Experts

We would recommend you check out the local Cambridge removal companies for help. Moving to a new house always takes longer than you might think, when doing it yourself. This is especially the case in rainy weather.

Why not call in the moving experts to help your move run as smoothly as possible? At DS Movements, we offer specialist and reliable domestic house removals in Cambridgeshire. Contact us today and we can help you hire the service best suited to your needs.

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