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We all have house items that we feel should, need or ought to keep but over time these items build up and can cause your home to become cluttered and filled to the brink with items we don’t want.

If you walk around your home and find yourself having to weave around things that you don’t actually like or use, it’s time to start thinking about having a declutter. It’s all too easy to come up with an excuse for holding on to the items in our home, that’s why DS Movements have put together a list of common waste clearance excuses and how to combat them.

Don’t want it to go to Waste

It’s a common reason why people don’t like throwing particular items away because they don’t want to feel as though it’s going to waste. In times like this you have to ask yourself, are you ever going to use it? Do you know anyone else that will use it? If the answer is yes then you have the option of donating to charity, giving to friends or family or selling it. If the answer is no then you’ll be better off recycling to ensure that the materials are not wasted.

It was a Present

Over the years we’re bound to receive presents from Christmas, birthdays and any other events. Unfortunately no matter how lovely the intention, we can end up with presents that we never use, don’t like or just don’t need. In this case, think about how you can use the present in an alternative way. Or perhaps think of someone else that might benefit from the present. If you can’t think of another use it might be time to throw it away. Gifters rarely remember all the presents they have given so there’s no need to feel worried about them looking out for it.

It has Sentimental Value

This is the most common reason we end up with odd items around the house or stored away. If storage has become an issue then take a look at what you’ve kept as a memento throughout the years. Have you kept boxes worth of birthday cards that you’ve forgotten about and who they came from? Or maybe you’ve kept wrappers of something you had to eat on a special night. Organise a memory box that you can keep the special things that mean a lot you so that you wouldn’t be able to replace.

Take a look at the box every year and take out things that don’t have sentimental value anymore. If an item doesn’t bring back a strong happy memory, then you don’t need to keep it. Just because you don’t have a physical object from a person or place doesn’t mean you are erasing it from your memory.

You’ll use it for Something Else

We all have that one room, drawer or cupboard filled with items we’re convinced we can use again or use for something else. If you’re home has now become full of unfinished idea and incomplete projects then it’s time to prioritize exactly what you need. Projects that have taken up space in your home for longer than a couple of months are unlikely to be finished and if they are unfinished or are yet to be started, it’s a sign the urgency and need for the item has gone. In this case, a waste clearance is your best option.

DS Movements provide a professional and efficient waste clearance service in Cambridgeshire to help you de-clutter once and for all. Fill out our contact form today and we’ll get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

Posted By: DS Movements
Posted On: 13 Sep 2017
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