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Checklist for Hiring a Removals Company

February 12, 2018 | By | No Comments

There are multiple removal companies out there, mostly appearing to offer identical services so it’s no surprise at all that finding the right one for you can prove tricky. DS Movements are here to make your decision easier.

The moving process can always seem overwhelming, we know choosing a reputable removals company can be a long process, so we wanted to break it down for you by highlighting some key points to look out for.

Here is a brief checklist for hiring the right removals company.

  • Reputation – Before you start booking your removals company, stop for one moment. Have you had a look at their website or social media profiles to check customer reviews? One of the quickest ways to ascertain the reliability of a removal company is by searching online, seeing what information you can find about the company. We all know that reading reviews can sometimes be misleading so do bear in mind that one bad review may not be a true reflection of the company.
  • Personable Approach – On par with the first point, the level of service that you receive when reaching out to your removals company should be a friendly, trustworthy and professional approach. Anything less than that and we advise you to avoid them at all costs, you want your moving process to be as relaxed and hassle-free as possible, so it’s no good having to deal with an unprofessional company. Although often booking online can seem the easiest way, we would always recommend to also get in touch with them on the phone.
  • Price – Of course we all want the best service for the best price. But it is nothing new that the cheapest company may not always be the best one as you may lose service level for cost. When possible, it is often a good idea to get a few quotes and then make your selection on the service offered against the price.

DS Movements strive to make your moving process a positive, professional and relaxed experience, that’s why our customers are more than happy after using our man and van service.

So why not get in touch for a competitive quote today.

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