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10 Apr


Why You Should Clear Out Your Garage

April 10, 2018 | By |

Over time, the contents of your garage can build up as it slowly becomes the dumping ground for your household junk. Plus if you’re thinking it, it probably means it’s time to take action. Here is our list of reasons why you should clear out your garage and how DS Movements can help.

It’s time to declutter your home, and the best place to start is with your garage. With Summer fast approaching, there’s no time like the present, and here’s why…

Clear outs are always needed

As simple as it sounds, it’s true. Garages are notoriously known for being the storage room where anything goes. If not maintained, things could get out of hand and before you know it, you have a fantastic space not utilised to its advantages at all. It’s fairly easy to keep putting old boxes or equipment in the garage to store for later, to save for a rainy day – but will that day ever come?

By clearing out your garage, it’ll no longer be loaded up with junk and hoarded goods; it’ll be manageable, and you’ll also be able to move around in it. If you do have items that require storage but you want to make space in your garage, we could have the storage solution for you.

Protect the car during the winter months

Whilst it may not be a primary concern right now, come the winter months we welcome harsher weather. As a result, your car or motorbike (and even bicycle) would feel the brunt of that weather. Clearing out your garage allows you to use it for what it was originally intended for – housing your vehicle.

You may need a man with a van to help you clear out your garage, and take items to your local tip. Save your car for the fun trips.

Utilise the extra space with a room

Take advantage of the space you have and add value to your property. A fun summer project could see you ‘do up’ your garage. You could turn it into a workshop, a gym, or even converted entirely into a bedroom.

Carrying out such a project will produce waste that will require efficient clearance, as we can assist you with that, as well as the initial clear out of hoarded junk and boxes.

Feel free to contact us today to discuss your plans and how we can help you turn your garage from ‘just another room’ to ‘the room’ and maximise the space in your property.

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