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11 May


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House Prices in Cambridge Begin To Skyrocket

May 11, 2021 | By | No Comments

The changes to work life over the past year have now begun to impact the house prices of villages and towns surrounding popular working cities. Luckily, removal companies in Cambridge are allowed to work through Covid restrictions to help everybody move home.

Why Have They Risen?

A lot changed with Covid and repercussions of that are starting to be felt in areas you might not expect. One of those is the house prices as the idea of commuting to work becoming more desirable. With more and more people having hybrid work situations (working from home and from the office) the idea of commuting doesn’t seem so bad, or as expensive.

With the changes to the working lifestyle expecting to stick, it is highly likely that more people will gravitate towards this option.

What Evidence Is There?

On average, house prices have risen by around £7,000 as buyers are expected to face record breaking prices during spring 2021. With stamp duty holiday extensions, house shortages and low-deposit mortgages making a return after the worst of Covid, we expect house prices to continue to rise over the coming weeks.

Evidence of not only house prices rising but also increased demand for houses in specific areas comes as estate agents have begun noting the increased number of viewings their properties are getting. One estate agent, Cheffins, has stated they get an average of 40 requests for viewings per property as of late.

Some Areas With The Highest Increases

Below you’ll find some of the areas in Cambridgeshire with the biggest climb in house prices in the past couple of months.

  • Wisbech – Places here have experienced a £33,500 increase in house prices.
  • Girton – This small village Northwest of Cambridge has seen prices rise by as much as £135,000 since 2019, with further rises expected.
  • Arbury- Houses here have seen prices rise as much £16,000.

In Conclusion

As the commuter belts expand, we will likely see increasing house prices in areas all around the popular cities like Cambridge. If you are deciding to relocate to Cambridge then get in touch with our team to work with one of the most reliable removal companies in Cambridge.

To get your free, competitive quote, simply contact us today or call on 01353 930095 or 07399 424632. Our team at DS Movements will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and any concerns you may have about moving house over the summer.

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