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17 Dec


Is it Time for a House Clearance this Christmas?

December 17, 2018 | By |

As you prepare for an influx of new toys and presents to fill the home, Christmas serves as the right time for a house clearance with a removals service.

It’s always a wonderful time to give and receive new gifts to and from friends and family, but where are you going to put all of your newly loved items? If your storage cupboards and shelves are already stocked full, it might be worth having your spring clean several months early, assessing what you actually need and use, and having a house clearance.

Using a man and van removals service can help you unload the big items or take your entire collection of unwanted goods to the tip with ease; taking out the only stressful part of a household clearance.

Clearing your house before Christmas

You may even want to consider a house clearance before Christmas itself to help with your decorations preparations, finding additional room for guests, and of course, finding the perfect spot for the Christmass tree.

“A thorough clean-up can provide much-needed space for your Christmas tree”

Having a clear-out before Christmas also allows you to check on old decorations before it’s too late. It gives you and your family time to test the lights, throw out any broken or out of date decorations, and even look for something new.

A top tip for your home this Christmas

Be sure to check under the stairs and your bathroom drawers for older presents you once received but have never used. Perhaps it’s time to try and pass them on in your Secret Santa or simply throw away if you cannot recycle or give to a local charity shop.

For more information about our waste clearance services and how we can help you with your home clearance, feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote.

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