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08 Apr


Are You Moving Office?

April 8, 2019 | By |

Here at DS Movements we offer a professional service of office removals in Cambridge. We have helped many businesses move to or from Cambridge Science Park as it is a popular, well-known and easily accessible business park in Cambridge.

However, no matter how well located your business is, or your business is going to be, office removals can be very stressful. That’s why we are here to help ensure your move runs as smoothly as possible.

It is highly recommended that you book a professional to help with your office move. Moving office is a logistical nightmare and while your team may be amazing at what they do for you and your business, they are not experienced in office removals.

By employing professional office removal specialists you can rest assured that your furniture, files, paperwork, computers and more will be moved safely and securely from one office to another. You can even arrange for your office to be relocated at the weekend or out of office hours to cause minimal disruption to your employees, customers and the business.

Before moving into your new space make sure you have thought about the layout of the new office. You need to think about where desks will go, who will go in which office, what will greet visitors and similar. By putting together a plan the move will become easier and less stressful for everyone. It also means your team of removal professionals can put everything in the right place for you in your new location.

Remember to tell your suppliers that you are moving offices too, especially if you get regular deliveries from them. Your clients, customers and utilities suppliers will also need to know your new address, so take the time to check through all your contacts and make sure they know you are relocating in advance of your move.

You will also need to update your business address on your website, in your email signatures, in your invoices, your letterheads and anything else where your address can be seen. These are things that can often be forgotten, so make sure you set yourself a reminder when you have moved in, to check everything has been changed!

If you’re looking for specialists in office removals in Cambridge then please call us now on 07399 424632. We would be happy to help your business take that next step!

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